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  1. Marc Shannnon Says:

    Marianna - It was very nice to meet you and the icon is lovely. We have it in our family room. My wife very much liked the six winged seraphim. Is that available as a fine art reproduction, with hand painted gilding? She would be especially interested in a larger size (perhaps 36 inches wide??).

    My home address for the cards is:

    44 Christie Knoll Heights SW
    Calgary, Alberta
    T3H 2R7



  2. Jolanta Says:

    Dear Marianna,
    I spoke with Marika and Pavlo Lopata about the purchase of a small icon of St. George and they recommended I speak with you as the only one they have is large. I am in need of this icon immediately and so cannot commission a work but wanted to see if perhaps you had some already completed… I looked over this website but could not find a telephone number. I hope that you receive this email!
    Please call me at (902) 237-8109 or (902) 422-1271 ext. 140 or email at
    Many blessings.
    With thanks,
    Jolanta Lorenc

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