www.mariannasavaryn.ca my new web site

Here you can see and buy my work as copies too


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  1. Terri Says:

    Your work is absolutely beautiful! You are truly gifted my dear and a blessing. Thank you for sharing what you do and God bless.

  2. Daniel van Heyst Says:

    Dear Marianna:
    I am an art instructor at The King’s University College in Edmonton. I believe that we met an artwalk event on Whyte Avenue last year, where I picked up you promotional leaflet.
    I am holding a large group exhibit of visual art by artists of faith this fall, which opens Sept. 21. I’m sorry I have not contacted you earlier about this, but still wish to send you the exhibition details. Please reply to this email address so that I can send you that material.
    Your work is magnificent and it would be such an honour to have a piece of yours included in the show.
    Daniel vanHeyst MFA

  3. Nadyia French Says:

    My niece Ann Onyschuk took a course from you in Edmonton. She says you have re-located to Ontario. Can you tell me your location as I am wondering about doing a course in iconography.

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